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Our environment is fast-paced, fluid and there is a lot at stake. We do expect a lot from our people, however, we give them the opportunity to make a real impact, grow a career and take a leading role in our ventures. We are proud of the brilliant people who got us here and want to hire more of the same. Ambition, a sense of ownership, and overall kindness is what makes a Marigold employee tick.


At Marigold we want the best for our clients and only the best support will do. It is our mission to provide a personalized and consistently high service standard, where our clients feel taken care of and supported in their goals.


Inspired by our small business roots, Consulting Marigold LLC is committed to helping businesses grow through stellar first impressions and creating personal connections. We carry out this mission by coming into work every day excited to deliver exceptional experiences. Our service is further enhanced by our proprietary technology, resulting in highly personalized interactions that go above and beyond in order to meet our clients’ needs.


Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 85/3, Belgrade 
11000 Belgrade, Serbia


Phone: +381 60-428-0307
Phone: +1 732-570-1530